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Guard Guru was started by well seasoned Security Professionals who have worked with many security & loss prevention employers throughout the years. Everyone knows it’s Security Professionals keep the doors open & the lights on, but it’s the Support staff that keeps any successful business running smoothly. The right cheerful receptionist, meticulous accountant or de-escalation expert is hard to find. Below you’ll find the latest Security Support Jobs available & a form to narrow your search. Need to narrow your search to your specific preferences? Start a Guard Guru Jobs Profile & start applying to jobs today!

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Looking for the next employment opportunity that’s just right can always be like trying to find the diamond in the rough. Guard Guru understands that as well as our jobs & careers website works, it will never have the allure of social media. Don’t worry, we brought Guard Guru Jobs & Careers to facebook as an open discussion board intended for security professionals to discuss & share the latest in loss prevention employment opportunities. Guard Guru security professionals are highly encouraged to join & participate in this network.

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